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  • Mexico Oil Round 2 – Shallow Waters – Negotiation and drafting of a Consortium Agreement and Joint Operating Agreement (JOA). Review of the Bidding Guidelines and Exploration and Production Sharing Contract.
  • Fiscal & Regulatory framework revision and development for the oil sector in a Caribbean country – International agency and Government.
  • Revision and drafting of the oil and gas legal framework for a Central American country. Analysis and determination of the fiscal regime. Development of the regulations covering health, safety and the environment. Drafting of the model PSC. Designing of the institutional bodies governing the sector.
  • Mexico Oil Producing Block – Evaluation and Analysis of Migration Contract issued by a NOC. Negotiation and drafting of contractual terms and advice on petroleum tax obligations.
  • Mexico Oil Round 2 – Paleocanal de Chicontepec – Providing legal advice concerning the tax and commercial terms of the exploration and production of unconventional hydrocarbons.
  • Mexico Oil Round 1 – Onshore – Negotiation and drafting of a Consortium Agreement and Joint Operating Agreement (JOA). Review of the Bidding Guidelines and Exploration and Production Licence Contract.
  • Mexico Oil Round 1 – Shallow Waters – Negotiation and drafting of a Consortium Agreement and Joint Operating Agreement (JOA). Review of the Bidding Guidelines and Exploration and Production Sharing Contract.
  • Negotiation and drafting of a Heads of Agreement and Joint Operating Agreement (JOA) with a multinational oil Company for the joint development of production blocks within the licence rounds in Mexico and Uruguay.
  • Fiscal analysis and legal Due Diligence for the purchase of the assets of Maple company in Peru. Company assets included the Pucallpa refinery and 3 oil blocks. Assessment of the Peruvian Hydrocarbon Fiscal Policy, an analysis of the commercial and fiscal terms within the exploration and production contracts and an assessment of oil and oil product markets.
  • Advice and drafting of corporate documents, corporate governance procedures, corporate bylaws and corporate guarantees for hydrocarbon production. Legal advice concerning the Social, Environmental and Financing License under Equator Principles.
  • Analysis and evaluation of the legal, tax and commercial status of petroleum block 160 in the Ucayali Basin, Peru. Assessment of the Peruvian Hydrocarbon Fiscal Policy, an analysis of previous licence rounds, an analysis of the exploration and production contract, an assessment of the blocks tax regime and a risk analysis concerning the blocks logistics.
  • Fuel Oil – legal, fiscal and commercial analysis related to obtaining a permit to import / export and market fuel oil. Legal assessment of the sector regulations and requirements for the purchase, transport, import / export and marketing of fuel oil in Mexico and the US. Commercial evaluation of the supply and demand risks and the price of fuel oil in North America.
  • Refining and GTL regulatory review – Government
  • Subsea Pipeline Installation Agreement, Subsea Cables and Equipment Installation Agreement, Semi-submersible and FPSO transactions Gulf of Mexico – IOC
  • Biofuel and carbon cost regulatory analysis – Government
  • Drilling Service Contract, Consortium Agreements –IOC
  • Oil Products Supply Agreements, Oil Products Marketing Agreements, EPC Expansion Oil Products Facility, EPC government approvals – IOC
  • Strategic review of refinery and storage operations – Downstream Company
  • Service Towage Agreements, Registration, Navigation Permits and Flag Waivers –IOC
  • Salvage Operations Gulf of Mexico – IOC
  • JV Agreement, Operating Agreement for the Reactivation of Marginal Fields – IOC
  • Oil Products Decommission, Remediation, Hazardous Waste Transportation and Final Disposal Agreements – IOC
  • International Unitization Agreement (draft provisions for unit operator) – IOC
  • JOA, ANCAP Uruguay Round II Onshore Basin – IOC
  • Upstream fiscal system modelling – Government
  • Asset due diligence and valuation based upon cash flow modelling, precedent transactions and EBITDA multiples – IOC
  • Refinery project development: crude & oil product market analysis, trade analysis, price outlooks, refinery configuration selection, benchmark analysis and financial modelling – IOC
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  • Negotiation and drafting of a Gas Supply Agreement (GSA) for an 874MW Combined Cycle Thermal Generation Plant – Independent Power Producer
  • Private Public Partnership (PPP) for a 1000 km gas pipeline. Development of the feasibility study (commercial, financial, legal and technical), regulatory framework and concession agreements. Regulatory review of the rights of way, assuring the project was bankable and advising the government during negotiations with bidders – Government
  • Legal and fiscal advice for the development of a Coal Bed Methane Project in the North of Mexico – Evaluation and analysis of the Mexican government’s fiscal policy concerning Coal Bed Methane. Legal analysis of the applicable laws and the exploration and production Licence Contract. Responsible for providing legal and commercial support during negotiations with the Mexican regulators.
  • Gas Balancing Agreements, Pipeline Capacity Rights Agreements, Gas Supply Agreements, Gas Storage Agreement and Related Gas Transportation Agreements, CRE approvals for gas pipeline interconnection and gas transportation capacity – IOC
  • License Exploration and Production Contract, Peru Petro Onshore Basin – IOC
  • Firm Regasification Storage Agreement, LNG pooling agreements governing the sharing of storage, regasification, send-out and nitrogen blending capacity, Long-term and Spot Purchases of LNG Agreements, EPC Terminal Expansion, CRE gas storage approvals for LNG Regasification Terminal – IOC
  • Marine Services Agreements for LNG Vessels, Scheduling Agreements, Conditions of Use, Port Liability Agreements, Shipbuilding and Ship Chartering Arrangements – IOC
  • Market analysis and the development of a corporate strategy for a pipeline company, corporate reorganization, analysis of company bylaws, organizational structure, operational performance and financial performance – NOC
  • Litigation of a High Profile Damage Case, including punitive damages before the Mexican Supreme Court –IOC
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  • Mexico – US Green Belt Cross Border Solar Project – project siting, governmental land use, environmental permitting, contracts for project construction and operation, facility interconnection, transmission infrastructure permitting and import/export permit – Solar Generation Company
  • Power Commercialization and Trading – Regulatory advice and approvals and drafting of energy sale and trading agreements
  • EPC Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant – EPC government civil work approvals, water concession approvals, EPC electrical associated infrastructure, Equipment Supply Agreement, Licensing and Permit Management Arrangements – Power Producer
  • Gas Combined Cycle Operation and Maintenance Service Agreement – Power Producer
  • Corporate and financial documents, regulatory and permitting approvals for the set-up of private power-charged stations in numerous locations in Mexico City –Electric Commercialisation Company
  • Honduras Wind Farm Site Engineering Agreement, Design, Engineering and Construction Agreement – Power Producer
  • Mexico Wind Farm Due Diligence, Consortium Agreement – Power Producer
  • Wind Farm Installation of Meteorological Towers Agreement, Technical Feasibility Wind Resources Agreement, Equipment Assembly (including wind turbines) Agreement, Regulatory Approvals, Site Preparation and Land Adaptation Agreement – Power Producer
  • Solar Energy Projects, Due Diligence, Site Engineering Agreement, Regulatory Approvals, PPA, Corporate Finance Agreements – Solar Generation Company
  • Private Public Partnership (PPP) for two 500 MW thermal power stations. Developing the feasibility study (commercial, financial, legal and technical), regulatory framework and concession agreements to assure the projects were bankable – Government
  • Energy Sale Contracts, PPAs – Power Producer
  • EPC High Tension Lines and Substations – Power Producer NPP
  • Review of Power Upgrade Agreement of the turbogenerator and systems associated to improve its nominal power, Dry Waste Storage Agreement, Refuelling Service Agreement – Electric Utility
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  • Preparation of mineral exploration/joint venture agreements in Bolivia, including review of local law, tax, repatriation and environmental issues – International Mining Company
  • Analysis of certain mining agreements in Bolivia to compare these agreements both to current legislation and international best practice – Government
  • Advised on anti-corruption issues and drafting of appropriate compliance with law provisions in connection with privatization, investment and joint venture transactions in the mining industry – Government
  • Arbitration (Ad Hoc) on environmental damages to an aquifer –International Mining Company
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