Cesar Santa Gadea


Cesar is a specialist with almost 20 years experince covering tax and regulatory design for projects of natural gas and oil, LNG and electricity regimes. With experience in more than 20 countries in North America, South America, Eastern Europe, and Africa is widely recognised as an international expert.

His experience as director of production at YPFB (the Bolivian NOC) and the Bolivian Ministry of Oil, have allowed him to acquire a broad knowledge of the workings of the oil industry and the complex interactions between the regulatory and tax framework. Also, he has advised oil and power companies throughout the business chain. His time as Associate Director at CERA and Hydrocarbons Tax Adviser to the International Monetary Fund provide him a global perspective on issues regarding the design and implementation of different regulatory and tax schemes under a range of hydrocarbon prospective scenarios.

Cesar has worked as an independent consultant for the following institutions; International Monetary Fund (IMF), Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD), the Andean Development Corporation (CAF). With experience working in Latin America, Africa, and Europe.

In addition to his professional experience, he has an economics degree from the Catholic University of Bolivia and an MBA in Petroleum and Energy from the Energy Department of Sarkey University, Oklahoma (USA) and a Master of Petroleum Economics at the French Petroleum Institute (IFP) in Paris.


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